Taking Child Marriages And SGBV Fight Right To The Doorstep Of Marginalized Tribes In Mbire

Women in Mazambara, Mbire benefit from the SASA model

MBIRE district in Mashonaland Central is home to vast wildlife including the famous Big Five even though one of the animals, the Black Rhino has since vanished from the picture. Despite the rugged terrain and a poor road network ahead, the meandering and curvaceous road leading to Mbire through the Mavhuradonha mountain range makes one green with envy. By Michael Gwarisa recently in Mbire However, beyond this beauty lies a monster, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), which has led to a spike in the incidence and prevalence of early…

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Sex Toys Destroying Marriages Says Zim’s Top Psychologist

THE use of sex toys which of late have been on the increase in Zimbabwe, could be a trigger for loss of affection and desire in marriages leading to high divorce rates and spousal separation, a top Psychologist has warned. By Michael Gwarisa Over the past few years, marketing and distribution of sex toys in Zimbabwe has become trendy with the latest offering being the licensing of an Online Sex Toy Shop in the country in 2020 while other distributors use their social media platforms to market and sale the…

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Women And Girls Need Post COVID-19 Support

THE COVID-19 pandemic has further widened existing social and economic inequalities between women and men, leaving women and girls prone to Gender Based Violations (GBV) and other societal ills, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) championing women and girls rights have said. By Patricia Mahsiri Speaking during a virtual meeting on the Impact of COVID-19 Stimulus Packages in Zimbabwe on GBV Interventions, Tawanda Zimhunga, Deputy Director Protection Services, Ministry of Public Service Labor and Social Services said when households and communities are placed under pressure, the risk of multiple forms of violence…

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Nearly Half Of All Women Are Denied Their Bodily Autonomy, Says new UNFPA report

NEARLY half of women in 57 developing countries are denied the right to decide whether to have sex with their partners, use contraception or seek health care, according to UNFPA’s 2021 flagship State of World Population report, released today. By Staff Reporter According to the UNFPA report, the lack of bodily autonomy has massive implications beyond the profound harms to individual women and girls: potentially depressing economic productivity, undercutting skills, and resulting in extra costs to health care and judicial systems. Through the groundbreaking report, UNFPA is measuring both women’s…

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WAG Uses The Safe-Engage Tool To Sensitize Nurses On Termination Of Pregnancy Act

WAG Executive Director Mrs Edinah Masiyiwa addresses the Zim Nurses Association at the sensitisation meeting

THE Women’s Action Group of Zimbabwe (WAG) is making use of the SAFE ENGAGE (Strengthening Evidence Based Policy to Expand Access to Safe Abortion) media tool to communicate the country’s illegal abortion scenario to various key stakeholders in a bid to raise awareness on Zimbabwe’s abortion situation as well as familiarize communities with the country’s Termination of Pregnancy Act (TOP). By Michael Gwarisa Amongst some of the groups that have benefited from WAG’s sensitization programs are Senators, Parliamentarians, traditional leaders, midwives and recently nurses. Speaking during a half day SAFE…

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Child Marriages and Teen Pregnancies: Twin Evils Widening Opportunities Gap Between Boys and Girls in Zimbabwe

Mashonaland Central Provincial Nursing Officer in the MoHCC, Anna Chinyemba

GROWING incidences of early marriages and Early Unintended Pregnancies (EUPs) that have also been exacerbated by the prevailing COVID-19 health emergency, have thrown girls and young women in an abyss of poverty, further making them vulnerable to various forms of abuse, the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) has warned. By Michael Gwarisa recently in Bindura According to statistics, there have been increased cases of teenage pregnancies during the COVID-19 induced lockdown period in Zimbabwe owing to a myriad of factors chief among them being the alarming rates of…

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#BREAKING: Three Rape Cases A Day In Mash Central, Family And Close Relatives Major Perpetrators

Sup Tungadza

MASHONALAND Central province has been recording  alarming rates of rape cases of minor girls and young women, amidst indications that the whole province has been registering not less than three rape cases on a daily basis for the past 12 months. By Michael Gwarisa in Bindura The increase in rape cases has largely been attributed to the COVID-19 induced lockdown as minor girls and young women were locked indoors with abusers who are either their close relatives and or their neighbors. Briefing an International Women’s Day commemorations event in Bindura…

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When Period Poverty Meets Water Crises: Harare Women and Girls Develop Vaginal Infections As They Go For Hours Wearing Damp Unwashed Reusable Sanitary Pads And Rags

SHARON Bumhira (26) from Hopley, Zone 3 is unemployed and every month, whenever her period visits, she finds it difficult to manage her menstrual hygiene as she can’t afford to buy sanitary pads. Like many girls in the area, Sharon uses rags and at times a reusable sanitary pad. By Michael Gwarisa For most girls and young women in Hopely, buying sanitary pads is a luxury they can’t even afford and a bucket of water is more important than buying a sanitary pad. The water situation in Hopely has made…

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DZT Concerned Over Insensitive Reportage Of Disability Issues In The Media

THE Deaf Zimbabwe Trust (DZT) says it is concerned with the lack of appreciation by Journalists as well as the  under-reportage of issues effecting People With Disabilities (PWDs) especially issues to do with their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). By Patricia Mashiri Speaking at a Disability Management Training for SRHR programme Implementers, Tinotenda Chikunya, the DZT Communications Officer challenged the media to raise awareness on SRHR issues in a disability inclusive way as well as play its part in disability friendly information dissemination. The media can be a vital…

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Zimbabwe’s First Ever Safe Market To Protect Women and Children Against Abuse Ready To Open

ZIMBABWE’S Ministry of Women Affairs Community, Small and Medium Enterprise Development and its partners have set up a sample safe market in Harare, Epworth Overspill area in a bid to reduce incidences of abuse, Gender and Sexual Based violence (SGBV) amongst women and children by providing women with a safe operating environment. By Michael Gwarisa The markets are part of Women affairs ministry’s Safe Cities program. According to studies conducted, a number of SGBV cases as well as abuse of children occur in unregulated public spaces such as market spaces.…

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