Zim Health Workers Declare Incapacitation

ZINA) president, Mr Enoch Dongo

A few days after some nurses associations went public saying they were satisfied with the conditions of services, the entire healthcare sector has written to government declaring incapacitation as a result of failure by government to honour their pledges to improve their working conditions. By Michael Gwarisa Writing to the Health Services Board (HSB) Acting Director, Mr A Mbengeranwa, health workers comprising of the Zimbabwe Senior Hospital Doctors Association (SHDA), the Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA), the Zimbabwe Government Radiographer Association (ZiGRA), Government Therapists Association (GTA), the Zimbabwe Health Workers Union…

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Zimbabwe’s Health care system exhausted by most recent COVID-19 wave

FOLLOWING a recent spike in COVID-19-related cases and deaths, Zimbabwe’s already struggling health system is buckling under the pressure. In several facilities, health workers are operating without adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), medication, equipment and oxygen and, with an existing and ongoing shortage of nurses and doctors, most health centres are unable to operate at full capacity, putting added pressure on those who are able to work. By Staff Reporter With the anticipated continuation of surges in COVID-19 cases, appropriate preventative and preparative measures must be put in place in…

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#TalkingCOVID-19WithDrGrant: Increasing Covid-19 Infections Among Healthcare Workers: A Serious Cause For Concern

Dr Grant Murewanhema

THIS past week has seen the highest number of COVID-19 infections being reported in Zimbabwe. The figures have gone beyond 2400, with a tilt in the balance of cases towards more local than imported. Indeed, Zimbabwe is witnessing community transmission which has the potential to explode into a full-blown disaster in the following few weeks. Regrettably, fatalities from the disease have also gone up, and stand officially at 34. By Dr Grant Murewanhema Our healthcare system is extremely fragile at the moment, and continues to fall by the day. Nurses…

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