Zimbabwe Should Rethink Vaccine Deployment Strategy

ZIMBABWE has been urged to re-look its national vaccination distribution strategy in order to increase uptake and move close towards vaccinating at least 60 percent of the population. By Michael Gwarisa The country commenced vaccinating its citizens in March 2021 following a delivery of the Sinopharm doses from the Republic of China. Even though at first, there was vaccine hesitancy more people are now coming forward willingly to get vaccinated. However, there been reports of shortages of vaccines dosses across the country of late. Immunologist and Medical Expert, Dr Tinashe…

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#LongReadAhead: Vaccines Efficacy And Effectiveness Explained

Dr Tinashe Gede

THE arrival of the coronavirus on our shores has to a larger extent planted an appetite for reading and commenting around health-related issues even amongst non-medical people. All of a sudden everyone is now a public health or medical analyst and this is largely due to information gaps present in our communities. By Michael Gwarisa The World Health Organisation (WHO) identified information and communication as a key pillar to the pandemic response amongst the eight pillars the world heath body has set. However, when not managed and disseminated well, information…

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WHO Zimbabwe Expert Clarifies On Sinopharm Vaccine, Says Sinopharm And More Other Vaccines Awaiting WHO Emergency Use Approval

There is nothing unusual about Sinopharm being administered before getting the WHO SAGE approval Only Four Vaccines have received the WHO EUL approval SAGE likely to make recommendations to Sinopharm end of March or beginning of April THE Sinopharm, Sinovac, Suptnik and at least 30 more other vaccines have submitted their dossiers to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) for them to be listed for emergency use amidst indications that to date, only four vaccines namely the Pfizer Biotech, Astrazeneca, Mordena and Johnson & Johnson…

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