COVID-19 Pandemic End In Sight Says Bill Gates

MICROSOFT founder and billionaire, Bill Gates who has in  past hogged headlines for predicting an Armageddon type of COVID-19 pandemic says he now sees the light at the end of the tunnel and the COVID-19 pandemic’s end could be within our reach. This article is an extract from Gate’s end of year review of the prevailing pandemic which can be accessed on the website. Read the extract below from Gates. NB// all the information below was penned by Bill Gates himself: Why I’m hopeful the end of the COVID-19…

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Massive New Bird Flu Outbreak Could Be 2022’s Deadly Pandemic

Israel’s National Security Council has assumed control of a massive bird flu outbreak in the Galilee, which scientists warn could become a “mass disaster” for humans. SOURCE: DAILY BEAST Over half a billion migrating birds pass through the area every year, heading for warm African winters or balmy European summers, making this a catastrophic location for a major bird flu outbreak—right at the nexus of global avian travel. The virus can be deadly if it infects people. The World Health Organization says more than half of the confirmed 863 human…

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Citizens Need To Assume Responsibility For Prevention As The COVID-19 Pandemic Hits Harder On Zimbabwe

Dr Grant Murewanhema

ITS been six months since the COVID-19 was declared a global health pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) chief, and slightly over four months since it was declared a global pandemic. Today the number of infected people globally stands at an alarming 12.3 million with over 530 000 fatalities. Of course the greatest majority have been reported as recovered, and the outlook is starting to be reassuring in some countries. By Dr Grant Murewanhema However, some countries, notably the Americas, continue to be ravaged, recording several thousands of new…

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#BREAKING: Zim Sitting On A Post COVID-19 Mental Health Time Bomb

DEPRESSED AFRICAN LADY (pic by Huffington post)

MENTAL health expert and Psychologist, Dr Kudakwashe Muchena has warned of a serious mental health crisis post the COVID-19 induced lockdown at the back of economic and social uncertainties that have been brought about by the prevailing COVID-19 health crisis. By Michael Gwarisa In an interview with HealthTimes, Dr Muchena said Zimbabwe had already been experiencing high suicide and mental health cases before the COVID-19 struck and the prevailing health crisis would likely worsen an already fragile mental health environment. We are sitting on a time-bomb, whilst all the focus…

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