Why The Butterfly Cup Is The Best Alternative?

MANY young women in Zimbabwe struggle to manage their menstrual life owing to a plethora of challenges. In most cases, girls in communal areas use rags, mattress stuffing, grass or even cow dung to stop the flow of blood.

This can be  extremely stressful and draining. To support women and young girls from the stress associated with menstruation, many alternatives have been introduced. However, from all these choices, The Butterfly Cup has emerged the much sort after alternative.

Here is why!!!

The answer is a mix of health, safety and plain economics.

In Zimbabwe today most households simply do not have the financial resources to buy sanitary wear each month. Most people are struggling to put food on the table on a daily basis, find employment or pay school fees let alone find $2 -$5 for a pack of 10 pads every month. When poverty strikes we live in the here and now, hand to mouth with little thought for tomorrow.

Whilst the Butterfly Cup, retailing at $15 is completely out of reach for most women, it is reusable for up to 10 years. This means that, if it can be funded, the Butterfly Cup can eliminate the need for any other sanitary products to be bought for 10 years. Furthermore, if a commitment to saving just 83 cents a year is made then the Butterfly Cup becomes an entirely sustainable option and no other intervention would be needed after the initial purchase of 1 cup.

This compares very favourably to the US$240 minimum expenditure  needed to purchase the cheapest disposable pads on the market today.

How do we get this brilliant product out to the women and girls in need?

Engaging with NGO’s, Private Businesses and Corporate entities is one option. Asking more affluent women to sponsor getting the cup to their less fortunate counterparts is another and of course, working with the Government is a third option that we have been and continue to explore.

Do you have the power to help? Bought on a wholesale basis the Butterfly Cup price is reduced. Do you have female employees or students who might benefit from being given a Butterfly Cup? Are you associated with women through your work?

Can you become part of the solution and join us in our mission to help women and girls live with dignity during their menstruation. We have a great support team able to give training days and education who are just waiting for your call.






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