Police Raid Magaya For ‘HIV-Cure’

The Zimbabwe Republic Police raided Prophet Magaya’s offices looking for his controversial so called ‘HIV cure’ on Wednesday evening, a Government official said.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Dubbed Aguma, Magaya’s medicine is receiving brickbats of criticism from all sections of society. Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi revealed the latest development on Twitter.

“I can confirm police this evening raised Prophet Walter Magaya offices to recover samples of his Aguma medicine which he claims cures HIV,” he said.

Mutodi said they want to probe Magaya’s HIV cure claims.

“The raid marks the start on investigation into this matter. Health Experts say there is no cure yet,” he added.

Prophet Magaya bemoaned this attack citing he now feared for his life as the police might plant something in his office.

A substantive alibi for this raid is unknown but on Medicine Control Authority of Zimbabwe cite the Broadcasting Services Act Chapter 12:16, 2001 which criminalises the announcement of misleading advertisements of medicines. Magaya claimed his Aguma product was tested in India and had immune boosting and HIV healing properties.

“1. No person shall publish, distribute or in any other manner whatsoever bring to the notice of the public or cause or permit to be published or distributed or to be so brought to the notice of the public any false or misleading advertisement concerning a medicine.

“2. If any medicine has been registered- (a) subject to the condition that it shall be available to the public only on the direction of a medical practitioner, dental practitioner or veterinary surgeon no person shall advertise that medicine otherwise than in a medical, dental or veterinary or pharmaceutical journal approved by the authority,” reads the Law.

The penalty for flouting this piece of legislation is, “A fine not exceeding level twelve or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or to both such fine and such imprisonment.”

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