Delta Variant Now Accounts For 98% COVID-19 Infections In Zimbabwe

INFORMATION minister, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa genomic sequencing for COVID-19 has confirmed that Delta variant was responsible for majority of infections in the country.

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Speaking during a Post Cabinet Media briefing, Senator Mutsvangwa said a comprehensive genomic sequencing report would soon be made public.

A genomic sequencing for COVID-19 samples collected in Harare revealed that 98% of the samples were of the Delta variant. The citizenry is informed that the national genomic sequencing survey is in progress and the results will be announced to the public,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

Speaking on the vaccination program, she said government was working on accelerating the vaccination program so as to vaccinate majority of the population.

“In order to accelerate the vaccination programme to achieve herd immunity by the end of 2021 cabinet approved the following strategies, extending the vaccination programme to private hospitals, private clinics to complement government efforts, continued collaboration with security sector to assist in the vaccine rollout, increasing outreach teams from average of two to four teams, reviewing payment model of allowances for vaccinators to be based on the number of persons vaccinated, health services board has written to treasury seeking concurrence to recruit retired nurses to participate in the vaccination programme, using non-medical staff such as data captures to free nurses so that they concentrate on vaccination and the extension of vaccination programme in clinics in higher and tertiary institutions”

Cumulative number of people who received their first vaccination dose stands at 1 707 671 and 832 884 for the second dose as at 03 August 2021.

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