UNFPA making inroads in restoring ZNFPC’s former glory

By Kudakwashe Pembere

The United Nations Population Fund Zimbabwe (UNFPA) is making headways in returning the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council to its former glory using various initiatives, an official has said.

This was said by UNFPA Zimbabwe assistant Ms Abbigail Msemburi during the launch of the SWOP findings on Wednesday(yesterday).

Ms Msemburi went down through memory lane where ZNFPC was a regional family planning powerhouse, a status that went down the drain.

“We hear a lot of what ZNFPC used to be like at about independence where it was the go-to organisation when it came to family planning.

“It was the strongest in the region, countries were sending in their people for training at ZNFPC, and we were leading on research on that one. Unfortunately as time went on, that capacity, I think fell off,” she said.

UNFPA ZImbabwe Assistant Ms Abbigail Msemburi

She said they partnered with the Ministry of Health and Childcare to devise ways to recapacitate the centre found at Harare Hospital.

“. So as UNFPA, we partnered with government. We actually relooking at how ZNPFC is to move forward. Its actually work under progress we were are really discussing whats the best position for ZNFPC.

“We’ve made some commitments, I don’t know if you have heard of FP2020 where we are talking of reducing unmet need and we need to increase access to family planning and that is what is guiding us in terms of how ZNFPC should move forward,” said Msemburi.

Msemburi who could not reveal some of the extensive work they are doing at ZNFPC said they are making inroads in repositioning the council.

“So we do have some extensive work some of which I cannot divulge here. But we have some extensive work that we are making progress in terms of redirecting and repositioning ZNFPC. In the near future you will soon find out of this new position they will be taking,” she said.







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