Youth Blood Donors Day On Tomorrow

A nationwide blood drive aimed at improving blood stocks during the festive season is currently underway as the country readies itself for the festive season.

HealthTimes Reporter

Speaking to National Blood Services of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) Public Affairs manager, Esther Massundah, she said all was in pace for the blood drive and their target was 15830 units for this season.

“The Festive season campaign target is 15830 units of blood for November and December. We have a youth donors day scheduled for 7 and 8 December 2018.

“Blood drives for both youths and adults are lined up through out the month of December. This is a nationwide campaign,” said Masundah.

The campaign is targeting both youth and adults under a two pronged theme; Youths-P25 Club – A Hand for Another, I Pledge 25, Adults; #BeThe1 #LifeisintheBlood.

However, with the coming in of the free blood initiative for all public health institutions, NBSZ adjusted its 2018 annual collections target upwards by 25% from 70 000 to 87 000 units of blood.

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