No Science To Back That Double Masking Prevents COVID Infection-WHO

THE World Health Organization (WHO) says despite raging social media debate on double masking, there was no scientific evidence to support the notion that wearing more than one mask offers double protection against COVID-19 infection.

By Patricia Mashiri

Speaking to HealthTimes Dr Lincoln Charimari,  the World Health Organization (WHO) Zimbabwe COVID-19 Response Manager said there was no scientific proof yet which shows that double masking was effective in the prevention of COVID-19.

Double masking has not been shown to have additional protective effect against all variants of SARS-COV-2. It is important to use masks correctly as recommended by the World Health Organization which is covering both the mouth and nose.

“Use mask in indoor settings for example shops, Shared work spaces, schools, public transport or whenever you are outdoors or your residence especially in the area of high community transmission such as in Zimbabwe right now. Proper use of mask is effective against all SARS-COV-2 variants,” Dr Charimari said.

Covid numbers have not been looking good of late with the country having recorded its highest number in new cases this week. On 07 July 2020 the country recorded 2264 new cases which are all local transmissions and 34 deaths which gives a cumulative number of 60 227 cases, 42 330 recoveries and 1973 deaths.

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