Delta Introduces Designated Driver Concept To Curb Road Carnage

By Michael Gwarisa

DELTA Beverages Private Limited has introduced the Designated Driver model, in a bid to combat road carnage pre and post the festive season period.

Delta Beverages Corporate Affairs Manager,  Tsungie Manyeza said the Designated Driver concept was born out of the realization that drinking and driving was the major contributing factor to road accidents and carnage.

“A designated driver is one person who is appointed or volunteers from a group of party goers who are traveling together to be the driver of the group after the party.

“He or She is expected to either not drink alcohol or drink very little of it during the event. So for example, we in this studio are going out for a drink tonight and we are sharing a car. We can appoint one to be a designated driver meaning for tonight he will not drink any alcohol so that he is the one to drive us home safely. The designated driver is ultimately the group leader,” said Manyeza.

She added that a designated driver can be a volunteer from among the group. And of course they must be eligible to drive. Usually those who do not drink alcohol tend to be the best candidates.

“However, if all members of the group consume alcohol, it is recommended that the responsibility to be a designated driver is rotated per outing. This will work best with regular groups. It will also enhance a sense of shared responsibility among the group if we all take turns to participate as designated drivers.

“If there is no one in the group willing to do the hounours, groups are encouraged to invest in a trusted cab driver who can serve as their designated driver.”

She called on citizens to promote sober driving as it reduces chances of loss of lives to road accidents as a result of drunk driving.



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