TelOne To Erect Standalone Bins At Dump Sites To Complement Clean Up Drive

AS a response to the national call  to maintaining a clean environment, TelOne has hinted on rolling out standalone bins around illegal dump sites to improve waste disposal and management at community level, HealthTimes has learnt.

By Michael Gwarisa

In an interview with the TelOne Managing Director, Mrs Chipo Mtasa  on the side-lines of the clean-up day, she said there is need to have a sustainable way of managing refuse collection at community level in a manner that inculcates a culture of hygiene and personal love for the community.

TelOne team dig into the garbage along 8th and central avenue

“The issue of dumping garbage at undesignated places is now a cause for concern, we need to make ensure that it does not happen again. So what we need to do is to have a sustainable way either by providing them with bins or also having an intensive local community campaign.

“I am suggesting that as TelOne, we were allocated this dump site (at Tackarrel court) perhaps we provide the bins and then put up signs so that we don’t litter like this. The stench that is actually coming from this particular dump site is something else and the amount of litter that was just thrown there it’s not healthy, it’s just a health hazard,” said Mrs Mtasa.

TelOne PR Officer Hazel Ndebele and MD Mrs Chipo Mtasa readying up for the job

President Emerson Mnangagwa proclaimed the first Friday of every month as National Clean Up Day. TelOne has since embarked on a national clean up drive whereby all its branches dotted around the country participate in the event.

“This is a national agenda that was set by the President, His Excellency President Mnangagwa, so the first Friday of every month we are supposed to clean up all our environments and surroundings and we are participating in that.

We are beautiful and we care for our environment says TelOne IT girls

“As TelOne, we have always been sensitive about environment issues, you have seen us going in cities , towns to clean up as well as to provide litter bins but now this is a much more wider call for all us to participate in cleaning up and we need that. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and the only people who can make your environment good are yourselves and ourselves and our President has proclaimed that and we really need to heed to the clarion call,” she said.

The clean-up drive is also being spearheaded by the ministry of Environment and tourism who have come up with an initiative to allocate dump sites to corporates and state entities and organisations to participate effectively in the national clean up .

She added that there is need to escalate awareness at community level to ensure the issue of dump sites becomes a thing of the past.

“This is what I am discussing with my team right now, I think we need to escalate the awareness because what we are seeing in this dump is unacceptable.

“We need to design a broader awareness campaign around cleanliness and avoiding dumping of waste. I also think there is need to provide citizens with dumping areas. The garbage collection system has to be addressed and the city of Harare and local authorities have to follow-up after corporates would have cleaned the cities to maintain and manage waste,” said Mrs Mtasa.


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