PCD Donates ZW$387K Worth Of Chemotherapy Medicines

PHARMACEUTICAL and Chemical Distributors on Friday handed over a donation of chemotherapy drugs worth over ZWL$387 000 at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals with some of the medication to be extended to Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

The intervention comes after CancerServe Trust solicited from companies to provide free medicines for cancer patients who have to cough up US$100 for chemotherapy.

Cancerserve chairperson Dr Anna-Mary Nyakabau told HealthTimes the donation meant cancer patients would get the chemotherapy drugs for free.

She said some patients were now selling belongings to have chemotherapy.

“Patients have to purchase medicines out of pocket many times and many of them have to go and sell belongings to buy chemotherapy drugs,” Dr Nyakabau said.

She added that per course, a patient pumps out US$200 depending on the cancer type and chemotherapy needed.

“It depends on the dose go the patient and type of chemotherapy. Rough estimate average 100 to 200 USD per course. Some cost less,” Dr Nyakabau said.

She also said part of the medication will be handed over to Mpilo Hospital.

PCD Managing Director Dr Dhansukh Shah said with the exorbitant costs of cancer medication they constantly urge pharmacies to lower their prices.

“Cancer is a very delicate issue. I personally feel very sad when a patient is overcharged buying these medications. Its an exorbitant amount of money. I feel the whole family chipping in to make the person alive.,” he said.

PCD Marketing Manager Mr Maxwell Ngwenya said  they felt obliged to chip in with help where it is needed the most.

“Apart from doing our normal business we also feel obliged to assist as a responsible corporate citizen. Where we can assist, we can chip in. that’s why when  cancerserve trust approached us and requested for certain medicines to be used in the hospital we were a willing partner in the process because its also part of our philosophy that we need to give back to the community,” he said.

Parirenyatwa Acting Chief Executive Mr Edson Mundenda was grateful for the donation saying that it will reach the cancer patients.

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