Avenues Clinic Reopens Casualty Facility After Brief Lockdown

THE Avenues Clinic has re-opened its casualty center after a brief haitus following a COVID-19 incident which had occurred in the accident and emergency unit  towards the of July, 2020.

By Michael Gwarisa

In a statement, The Avenues Clinic management said they had followed strict health precautions regarding the disinfection of the facility as well as isolating infected employees ahead of its re-opening

Following the communication of 24July 2020regarding temporary closure of the Accident and Emergency (Casualty) Unit, the hospital would like to advise that the unit will be re-opening effective Monday 03August 2020. The unit is re-opening after staff reorganization,contact tracing and testing of all affected staff members.

“Exposed staff members reported in our previous communication are currently under self-isolationand recovering at home,” said the clinic

According to the facility, the Accident and Emergency unit is the hospital’s prime point of entry which is fully equipped to deal with any emergencies.

“The unit isthe onlyhospitaldepartmentwhich was temporarily closed,and with its re-opening, all hospital operationswillbefully functional.For any queries or clarification regarding this communication or any other hospitalrelatedmatter, please do not hesitate to contact ourCorporate Affairs Office on+2638677006175 or +263242-251180-99 for any further clarification.”

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