Zim Introduces New Vaccination Cards With QR Code And Other Security Features

A new COVID-19 vaccination card with improved security features that can be verified on all platforms across the world has been launched by Government to curb the proliferation of counterfeit cards.

The new card is already being issued to those getting their first COVID-19 jab, while those intending to travel abroad can exchange their cards issued during the first phase of the vaccination programme roll out.

Ministry of Health and Child Care director of health informatics and analytics Dr Simukai Zizhou said the security features would minimize card theft.

We have noted that counterfeit cards were being produced in the communities because not everyone is amenable to being vaccinated,” he said.

“So the Ministry engaged Fidelity Printers (and Refiners) and we produced a new vaccination card with security features. The card works in two ways, there is the physical part which can be verified by looking at the security features embedded in the card and the electronic part which is mainly for those travelling outside the country.”

The electronic card is linked to the Quick Response (QR) code which can be scanned for verification at all ports in the world. So the card is world standard and accepted worldwide, he said.

Source: The Herald.

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