Rotarians Donate Medical Books At Harare Hospital

The Rotary Club of Harare Central handed over books worth more than Z$150 000 (US$15 000) at the Harare Central Hospital School of Nursing.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

The donation comes at the nick of time when the Hospital relied on obsolete literature.

Acting Chief Executive Director at the Hospital Mr Peter Gwata urged students to read these books.

“I am particularly impressed by what they have come to do. They have come here do give us books. You know this is a little bit different from soft copies. A little bit different from the internet. Because books are just good. I remember one of my lecturers who upon getting old of a book would want to feel it. And say this is meat. I could actually tell this man was in love with books and Im sure you students would do the same,” he said.
Rotary Harare Central president Theresa Buluzi said they received a donation of over US$1 million for the books which saw Harare Central as the first recipient of the books. She said the books for Harare Hospital were worth US$15 000.
“In our endeavors to try make our communities better, we always partner with communities abroad, because we are an international club where we get to serve our communities with different projects. So today what we have just come to do is to appreciate the work that is being done in the medical sector and we got donations of books for doctors and nurses. As Rotarians we committed a lot of time to make sure that this is possible and you will find that they are stamped as books from Rotary in partnership with Book Aid International. We hope these books would be kept safely and also be well looked after,” she said.
She added that they have talked to other Rotary Clubs across the country to identify other hospitals in need for the books.

Acting Principal Nursing Tutor Mr Waddilove Mukucha said they have been relying on books in the absence of wifi which they also want.

“I would like to thank the rotary club for the donation of the books to our library. Indeed the books will go a long way in mitigating the challenges we have as a school in researching materials. Harare school of Nursing relies solely on books as tutors and students since we have no wifi. So we rely on books for our teaching and learning.

“We are so grateful to the club Harare central. So they have come at a time when we have outdated library books for research. So they have come as a relief for both tutors and our students. We hope that the relationship we have with the Rotarians will continue to be strengthened. We also hope that other partners will also put partners for our school to enhance our teaching and learning,” he said.

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