Stop Discriminating Asians For Coronavirus-WHO Warns

THE World Health Organisation (WHO) Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has called for calm in the face of growing stigma and discrimination against people frOm China, and other Asian countries where the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has wrecked havoc.

By Michael Gwarisa

Through his Mircroblogging site (Twitter), Dr Tedros said this was a time for unity in the face of one common enemy COVID-19.

It’s appalling to see new reports of people being targeted due to their race, ethnicity or purported association with #COVID19.

@WHO once again calls for an end to stigmatization & discrimination at a time when solidarity and compassion must be paramount,” said Dr Tedros.
Recently, a young man  was beaten up in a racist attack on one of London’s busiest streets. Acording to the UK Independant, the young man s said he was targeted because of coronavirus. Jonathan Mok, a 23-year-old student from Singapore, said he was attacked at around 9.15pm on 24 February on Oxford Street.

In a Facebook post, Mr Mok said a man, who was with three or four other men and one woman, said something about “coronavirus” before punching him in the face.

He said another member of the group then said: “I don’t want your coronavirus in my country,” before hitting him on the nose and causing blood to splatter on the pavement.  The group then ran off before the police arrived.

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