Opportunities for African Media Women: Digital Media and Gender Reporting Training

The African media landscape is skewed in favour of men, with research supporting this finding. As a way to correct this anomaly, African Women in Media (AWiM), in partnership with Fojo Media Institute will be offering two trainings in Gender Reporting and Digital media and are calling on African media women to apply and be part of the cohort to be trained virtually by top class trainers recruited by AWiM. The training will take place over a 4 week period.

Dates: 1st March, 2021- 2nd April, 2021

Venue: Online

The Gender reporting training is aimed at equipping African media women with gender-sensitive reporting skills, enabling them to push for media policies that promote women-friendly environments. Key courses to be covered under this training include reporting on women’s rights and developing internal gender policies. It is anticipated that participants will be equipped with critical skills which will enable them to report with a gender-sensitive lens and challenge existing stereotypes. The policy component will facilitate the implementation of media gender policies that promote leadership opportunities for women, sexual harassment, maternity, salary discrepancies and many other issues to ensure an enabling working environment for women journalists.

The digital media training’s focus is the establishment of a network of women media professionals with advanced skills in data journalism, managing digital information, creating basic and advanced digital content, and publishing digital content for successful progress in their respective organisations. Under this component, media women can apply to take part in either the data journalism course or the digital publishing course.

“We pride ourselves in contributing to the growth of the African media woman who will be competitive in the media landscape, which has over the years been dominated by male journalists”, said Dr Yemisi Akinbobola, CEO & cofounder for AWiM.

AWiM has over the years been partnering with different partners in conducting different trainings, all aimed at having an empowered African women in media community of practice that is committed to competently report on issues that promote the woman’s cause.


For more information contact: tariro@africanwomeninmedia.com

About African Women in Media:

African Women in Media is a nongovernmental organisation with a vision that one day African women will have equal access to representation and opportunities in media industries and media content. Our aim is to contribute to the creation of enabling environments for African women who work in media industries, and to change the way African women are represented in media content. It does this through research, training and partnerships that impact positively the way media functions in relation to African women. Through AWiM events we create opportunities for knowledge exchange, building networks, and economic empowerment of women in media.

 About Fojo Media Institute:

 Fojo’s mandate is to professionalise journalism through institutional and individual capacity building. Their support can target a local university that offers basic courses in journalism, an NGO that defends the rights of journalists and freedom of expression, editorial staff that strive to improve editorial routines, or a media institute that systematically attempts to improve journalism. To assist building national capacity is the key to a long-term sustainable media development.






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