ZIMA Holds Memorial For Health Professionals Who Died From COVID

THE Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZiMA) has held a memorial ceremony in honor of health and Medical Professionals who succumbed to COVID-19.

By Patricia Mashiri

Speaking during the event Dr Bismarck Mateveke, the Secretary General for ZiMA said the COVID-19 pandemic era has been a difficult phase as families, workmates and relatives lost people close to them. It has been a difficult year for the profession because of the loss of colleagues, brothers and workmates. It has also been a difficult year for the families of those close to us that we have lost.

“We decided to come together to take time and to honor our heroes. We are faced with the ravaging challenge for COVID-19 pandemic and we still find ourselves pushing and fighting this pandemic and, in that war, we end up losing some of our heroes,” Dr Mateveke said.

Dr Enock Mayida Sectretary General, ZiMA Mashonaland branch said the health 
fraternity has been dealt a major blow due to COVID-19.

“This is a somber moment indeed where we come in remembrance of colleagues that have passed on in the line of medical care duty. Its a calling as others have always put it. We come to save lives, it is our desire to ensure that we don not only save but we do it with commitment, but it also comes with risks as we have seen in this COVID-19. At times, the one who is trying to save a life may also become victim.

“In Mashonaland ZiMA branch, we have lost colleagues but at times you just take the comfort that it’s a war you have to remain standing so that we don’t lose hope but continue giving our all hoping that illnesses that come our way will pass. We just continue to encourage each and everyone of us that the Lord is there he will ensure that we don’t tire. And to colleagues who are gone we live not to be sad about their departure but to celebrate their legacy lives on. Let’s continue to give service and hope knowing that the Lord is with us,” said Dr Mayida.

The ceremony witnessed the unveiling of a photocollage with pictures of health professionals who lost their lives to COVID-19.

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