Awards For Public Hospitals Administrators On Cards

HEALTH and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo says his ministry is planning to give awards to state controlled hospitals administrators in recognition of their work in the public health sector.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

This comes at a time when he replaced hospital chief executive officers with new ones as well as boards. He said this at the handover of a refurbished male ward at Harare Central Hospital.

“I am very happy with this progress. So I have decided that we will have an end of the year award for the best CEO in the Ministry of Health. This is going to be a competition. We want to see will come up and deliver,” he said.

He said he was happy with hospital administrators heeding to his call of being effective.

“With this feat here I am very happy. I am really happy to see the CEOs competing against each other now. We set the ball rolling and the CEOs are now running with the show. The same thing with Bulawayo, they are also doing their renovations, UBH, Mpilo, Parirenyatwa Hospital, Chitungwiza, Ingutsheni and Gweru Provincial Hospital.

“They are all running with the show. Running with the call. We said we want to see hospital management which is effective. That’s exactly what I see happening. I am happy that the CEOs and hospital management have listened to the call from government,” said the Minister.

The Minister said the time of being a hospital chief executive was over for him.

“I have said I am not going to be a CEO again. You are the CEOs. I was CEO at Chitungwiza. I am not going to be micromanaging. You are going to be doing that work. And I am very happy,” he said.

Dr Moyo said he challenged Dr Enock Maida who took over from him as CEO of Chitungwiza Central Hospital to improve from where he left.

“So I gave a challenge to doctor Maida who took over my post at Chitungwiza and he still thinks that he can take over my post now. I said to him yes, I might have left the place in a size now shoe.

“You are coming in you are a size seven and half. I challenged him and I said I want you to take it up to size 11. How is that?

“So we want to know how far he is now. I hope he is still not at size 7. These are the challenges I am giving to all our administrators. I am very happy with this progress,” he said.

The new Chitungwiza Hospital boss Dr Maida said he had surpassed the size 11 to size 12.

Harare Hospital Board Chair Dr Edward Chagonda noted that he is ready to take the institution to a higher level.



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