CIMAS Launches E-Claims Platform

One of Zimbabwe’s leading medical aid providers Cimas says the e-Claims platform will be activated by April 2018. Last week, the company announced its partnership with a local technology startup Health263 for an e-Claims platform in a move that will accelerate claims submission and payment .

In a statement, Cimas Managing Director Medical Aid  Washington Madziwadondo said the move is part of the company’s thrust to solidify member security.

In line with our strategic objectives to improve and simplify service quality as well as strengthen member security, Cimas is pleased to advise all our valued members that we will be introducing an E-claims platform in partnership with Health263,” he said.

The company started a biometric enrolment process yesterday for inclusion of members.

“To facilitate the process, we wish to invite all members and their beneficiaries to participate in our biometric enrolment process which will commence on 19 February 2018 (yesterday),” said Madziwadondo.

Madziwadondo added that they have started deploying fingerprint readers.

“We have in collaboration with our partners, deployed fingerprint readers at selected service points for the convenience of our members (see attachment). We anticipate that the E-claims platform will go live in April, 2018 and encourage you to enroll prior to this date,” he said. “This exciting development will provide a secure and faster claims submission process which will result in shorter turnaround times. Query resolution will also be expedited, and the impact of card theft will be curtailed. All Cimas facilities will be collecting fingerprints. Members can also approach selected service providers and any of our regional offices for assistance.”







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