Diabetics Association of Zimbabwe to be launched tomorrow

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Diabetics, Healthcare professionals and caregivers have formed the Diabetics Association of Zimbabwe to be launched on Friday (tomorrow) at Cresta Oasis in Harare.

The association’s president Mrs Tendai Gutu said they seek to modify the management of people living with the condition.

“DAZ trustees have been advocates of proper management and care of people living with Diabetes and their care givers over the years. DAZ consist, of people living with diabetes, Health care professionals, Dietitians, corporate managers and those with an interest in Diabetes. DAZ is there to enhance the management and care of people living with Diabetes, among other Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs) like Hypertension and others,” she said.

She noted that with the increased frequency of diabetes, there have been a rise of mortality.

“With an increased prevalence of Diabetes as a disease in Zimbabwe, there are increased complications like kidney failure, blindness and amputations with increased mortality. The sad situation is that 50% of those suffering from the disease are not aware of their condition, hence the need for increased advocacy, awareness, testing and information to the Zimbabwean people,” said Gutu who added, “DAZ is planning to reach out virtually to all Zimbabweans at all levels.”

Around the same time last year, about 1,5 million Zimbabweans were reported diabetic, with some of them unaware they have the condition.

In November last year, it was found by Zimbabwe Diabetes Association that a diabetic patient on drugs needs about $30 per month, minus the cost of the tests for sugar levels in their body.


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