How To Attain a Four Star Diet Out of Little…A Look Into Staples

We normally don’t struggle much to attain this star

Our staple (sadza) is the most common food we can eat from this group. This sadza can be made from maize, millet or sorghum.

By Tendai Gunda

But in addition to these foods, rice as well as roots and tubers such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, tsenza, cassava, yams are all foods we can consume to attain this precious star. So remember that delicious dish with rice and potatoes and soup, or sadza and potatoes only gives you one star!! So maybe save your potatoes for another meal!

Ever heard of manyanya!

Tubers (Manyanya)

When you are a little low on funds or are just in the mood of a change and you are somewhere around Shamva (I’m sure there are similar options in other places around Zimbabwe) you can dig up the roots of the munyanya bush and have yourself a delicious alternative to the same ol same old sadza or rice.

Legumes (beans, lentils, peas, groundnuts) and seeds (pumpkin seeds, sesame, melon seeds, shomwe)

An affordable four Star Diet

Legumes and nuts include the different types of beans we have in the country and seeds such as pumpkin seed, melon seeds, shomwe and other seeds that we may extract from some wild fruits we eat.

This star is valuable because it is rich in oils that give us the energy we need to go about our work. There are many sources of these foods that we can eat. Try eating pumpkin seed or hacha nut…delicious!

Vitamin A-rich fruits and vegetables (mango, paw-paw, passion fruit/granadilla, oranges, dark- green leafy vegetables, carrots, yellow sweet potato and pumpkin), and other fruit and vegetables (banana, pineapple, watermelon, tomatoes, avocado, hute, matamba, nhengeni, tsvanzva, horonga, hwakwa, matufu, nhunguru… the list is endless) .

This 4th star is essential to protect our bodies from disease. Look out for yellow/ red fleshed fruit both in the shops and in good old wild! And there you are you have your 4th star!!!

A mother breastfeeding

There is one group of people who can consume a golden standard food that has all 4 stars in one. All day and all night, breastmilk for children o – 6 months is the golden standard – A 4 star diet in one. Talk of affordable!











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