First Mutual Walkathon Raises US$3000

THE First Mutual Cancer awareness walkthon manged to raise an amount to the tune of US$3000 which will go towards assisting the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe in its treatment, screening and care programs.

By Michael Gwarisa

In an interview on the sidelines of the Walkathon which saw hundreds of people participating, First Mutual Health managing director Stanford Sisya said it was time to focus on eliminating cancer as it was now one of the major health problem. 

“We, in partnership with the Cancer Association and we believe cancer  is one of the key Non Communicable Disease (NCD) that is affecting our population and we need to focus on it as a nation.

“For us, it is very key that we raise funding because as individuals, people will not be able to actually fund themselves so we need to come together as a community to actually fund this initiative to tackle the cancer  problem that is affecting our population,” said Sisya. 

The walkthon manged to raise a total sum of US$3000 and according to Sisya, one of the major focus of their organization is to encourage healthy living amongst the population since cancer and other NCDs are caused highly by being inactive and not eating healthy. 

“Some of the objectives is just to encourage wellbeing in terms of physical health so that people are aware. They should ensure that this is not just the end but the beginning of a healthy way of living. People should just adopt a culture of at least walking everyday.

“We are also totally encouraged by the turnout today, it has actually exceeded our expectations.” 

Meanwhile, Cancer Association of Zimbabwe  general manager, Mrs Junior Mavu said the proceeds from the Walkathon would go towards purchasing drugs as well as assist during their cancer outreach programs in communities. 

“The goals of this Walkathon organized by First Mutual was basically to raise cancer awareness and also to raise money so that people with cancer can be assisted to get drugs and so that we can go out in the rural communities  and do cancer screening for free from the money that was raised from here.

“The turnout was very good people are getting more and more aware of cancer issues and people came out in their numbers to support this initiative,” said Mrs Mavu.

She added that part of the US$3000  will also go towards free cervical screening services and she also called on other cooperates to support cancer awareness and funding initiatives.






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