POSB Injects $100 000 Towards Cholera Fight

POSB has donated an amount to the tune of $100 000 to advance the fight against Cholera which has claimed not less than 49 lives and infected 10 000 others.


HealthTimes Reporter

Speaking during the handover event, POSB Chief Executive Officer, Mr Admore Kadhlela said the gesture was part of their corporate social responsibility drive which is highly biased towards improving health and living standards of citizens.

“This donation is a part of our corporate social responsibility which actually focuses on health and philanthropy and financial education. This is not the first time we have actually given to the health sector.

” We have actually dug and gave bed sheets to hospitals and we also focus on the water and sanitation side, we have dug boreholes. We are now going to say as part of that health and philanthropy program we are going to hand $100 000 as part of our token of  appreciation,’ said Mr Kandhela.

Finance and economic development minister, Pro Mthuli Moyo applauded POSB for the gesture which he says was a sign of good corporate leadership.




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