PSMAS Membership Embrace Online Payments

IN a bid to offer extra convenience for its members, PSMAS introduced an online payment system, which allows for members to make their subscription payments via the Society’s website or PSMAS 24/7 Mobile Application.

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The website was recently revamped while the PSMAS 24/7 is a new baby on the block, both of which were introduced to make contact with the Society by different stakeholders easy and efficient. This is also in line with Covid-19 measures promoting remote working and limited physical contact. The coming in of a payment gateway system is, therefore meant to complement these initiatives in ensuring that members can still get services from the Society from wherever they are, without necessarily coming to PSMAS offices in person.

PSMAS members interviewed commended this latest offering saying it indeed goes a long way in offering convenience to members.

In these pandemic times, it is safe and secure to make my payments online. It is not always that you have to visit an institution physically. Sometimes you just need to seek services from the comfort of your home and get them as efficient as you would  have received should you have sought for the same in person,” said Mr Shacky Mabwezuva who is one of the many PSMAS members embracing these and other PSMAS offerings.

Another PSMAS member, Mr Divine Chakombera who has since resorted to transacting via Ecocash said the system was easy and efficient to use. He said online transactions saves him time spent travelling to and from PSMAS offices and time spent in queues.

“Digitalisation is the way to go. It saves time and is efficient. When I used the PSMAS online platform, the process went on very well as I did not encounter any challenges. If all members embrace this offering, very few, probably with complicated cases, will end up at the offices physically, thereby reducing physical contact, which is one of the measures meant to reduce spread of Covid-19 in the country,” he said.

This payment gateway allows for members to initiate payments of their subscriptions from anywhere. Previously, members would firstly seek for authorisation should they wished to pay online, which was a lengthy process. Now, with this system, deductions can now be done from a members’ account immediately after completing a transaction.

The platforms offers security and reliable real-time transaction processing to PSMAS members and there is also a guarantee of reduction in errors on payments, easy payment settlements and account reconciliation processes.

The platforms being supported by this system include, EcoCash, Visa and MasterCard. This is in addition to the existing Point of Sale and cash payments. Since 1930, PSMAS has been at the forefront of helping people access health the best way possible.

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