#JUSTIN: Gvt Clears Air On Cholera Financial Donations…As Death Toll Reaches 35

THE Zimbabwe government has appointed the Finance and Economic Development ministry as the sole custodian of all financial donations towards Cholera while the ministry of health and child care shall be handling commodities and other essential donations, Local government minister, July Moyo has said.

By Michael Gwarisa

The move comes at the back of a cholera epidemic which has claimed 35 lives and infected an estimated 6533. Briefing government, city council and partners, Minister Moyo who is also the chair of the inter-ministerial committee on cholera said they had been mandated by the President, Emerson Mnangagwa to prioritise the cholera fight and the new arrangement will ensure transparency and accountability.

“What we are saying as we manage this calamity is that no gift is small and the President has been very emphatic, let’s list all the donations, the gifts, the support that we are getting and let’s have it recorded by the ministry of finance so I urge that whatever we have receive goes to the ministry of finance.

“At the end of the day when history is told when others are writing about how we would have managed to conquer this cholera, they should be able to say these people did it through such and such means. So that is the president calling to use the ministry of finance to collect all the donations.

“Also he said we are doing it because we want to introduce absolute transparency because if someone who has donated to us goes and ask what has been given, we must be able to say council got this much, ministry of health git this much and so forth,” said Minister Moyo.

Meanwhile, government has launched an appeal for $57 million to contain the cholera outbreak with the health sector requiring at least $51 million to assist about 50 000 patients.

Local authorities on the hand require at least $6 million to revamp sewer and water reticulation infrastructure in the hotspots of Glen View and Budiriro, Harare.

However, confusion was building around the area on financial hand-outs towards cholera amidst indications that the finance ministry was running a parallel Crowdfund towards cholera without having agreed with the health ministry.

An official from the health ministry who spoke to healthtimes however said the whole drama was as a result of miscommunication but the issue had been resolved.

“It was only a communication issue I would say. Had the issue been communicated earlier within the confines of government and through the proper channels, we wouldn’t have an issue of the finance minister announcing of  a crowdfund without the health ministry’s knowledge.

“We are glad now that government has resolved this issue and also the President has put his weight behind the cholera fight.”



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