First Lady Donates Towards Cholera

FIRST Lady Amai Auxilia Mnagagwa through her charity organisation, Angel of Hope has made a donation towards the fight against Cholera, as the battle to contain Cholera intensifies.


HealthTimes Reporter

Speaking at the handover event, Angel of Hope board Chair, Mrs Chipo Mtasa said in as much as they might not cover everything in terms of availing resources to combat cholera, they were committed to extending a helping hand in whichever way possible.

“Last week on Wednesday Amai came here at the Beatrice Infectious Diseases Hospital (BIDH) and she made some observations. As you may know angel of hope was formed as a major initiative on the path to rise up to the socio-economic challenges that are facing the country.

“She focuses her work around women, children and health issues. When she came here she was really disturbed by developments. She is very much aware that there needs to be a sustainable solution to the problem. Today she has sent us with a donation of food stuffs and some items that can be used by the hospital as they address the cholera issue,” said Mrs Mtasa.

Items donated include 100x2kgs cases of sugar, 100x2ks cases of rice, 20 cases of drinks, 500 kgs  Mielie-meal, 20 cases of salt, 50 cases of cooking oil, cleaning  buckets with cleaning supplies inside,  cleaning gloves, treatment gloves, emergency hygiene kits,  some bed linen,  linen savers for diarrhoea.

“In doing this donation she would want to advise that this is only the beginning, there will be more coming as we progress until the cholera challenge is addressed.

“As she coordinates with some of the partners, she would like to bring more of these donations.”

Health and Child Care minister, Dr Obadiah Moyo applauded the first lady for the gesture which he said would go a long way in addressing some of the basic needs for cholera patients and hospital staff manning the situation on the ground.

“We have made sure that we have all the items that we require, we want to thank the first lady for making this phenomenal contribution during this time of the outbreak. All these items are going to be utilised appropriately and we are going to be extremely accountable for every item. We are not going to use them recklessly.

“We will also try to allow the members of stuff to use some sugar and some food items here at the hospital from the donation so that our staff also deserve to be well looked after but the bulk will be looking after the patients. I am also thrilled that we have managed to come up with a needs assessment. We needed the tents, treatment camps, water and with water that is why we have a reduction in the cases because people will be drinking from a clean source of water,” said Minister Moyo.






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