Emergency Cholera Indaba On The Cards

A Cholera symposium is set to be held in Harare, on October, 5 2018 to deliberate and proffer lasting solutions to the water infrastructure crisis in urban environments which is believed to be the major driving force behind the recurrence of medieval diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid.


By Michael Gwarisa

The conference which is being organised by a group of local and foreign based Zimbabwean engineers and new ZBC radio station, Classic 263 will draw participation from players in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector as well as other players whose businesses are directly linked to the WASH sector.

One of the organisers, Engineer Kudzai Mutisi said preparations for the indaba which will be held at Cresta Lodge from 09h00 – 12h00  on the day, was on course as a number participants and experts had already confirmed attendance.

“I am glad to announce that a group of Zimbabwean Engineers have taken it upon themselves to provide a lasting solution to the Cholera crisis. The aim is to identify sources of the infection, destroy the bacteria, & design & build robust sanitation infrastructure. I am involved.

“The Cholera Indaba is shaping up… Everything is on the right track… Those who want to participate in any way please contact Eng. Kudzayi J Mutisi on +263772278161 . We are a group of Zimbabwean Engineers providing a permanent & sustainable solution to our sanitation needs,” said Eng Mutisi.

He added that the Cholera Indaba was a combined initiative between the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE) and Classic 263 aimed at bringing stakeholders together and coordinate activities to restore critical services for safer and cleaner environments.

“Engineers have taken initiative and proactiveness in the wake of this national crisis to come forward as responsible professionals and give technical expertise and management advice to help in the fight against water-borne diseases such as cholera.  The Cholera Indaba aims to bring stakeholders together and brainstorm sustainable solutions in the context from experiences from various sectors.

“The indaba is aimed to foster planned and coordinated activities and interventions by integrating the different institutions that deal with the provision of safe, clean drinking water and safe disposal and treatment of wastewater. Stakeholder engagement and coordination is key and an important step in minimising and eventually eradicating such diseases.”

The Cholera Indaba is the first of its kind being set up since the recent outbreak of cholera in the country where key stakeholders engage to advise central Government and implement robust solutions in tackling cholera.

Zimbabwe is currently battling one of its worst Cholera outbreaks after the 2008 epidemic which claimed 4000 lives and infected 100 000 others.

According to the health minister Dr Obadiah Moyo, they have managed to manage the current cholera crisis as there have been no new deaths recorded since last week Thursday where the toll was standing at 49.

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