#BREAKING: Nine Year Old Sex Worker Is Actually 17 Years Old

HealthTimes Correspondent 

Wonders Shall Never Cease!!!

IN  a dramatic turn of events, the young Epworth girl who was reported in the media recently for being Zimbabwe’s youngest sex worker at the at the age of 9 is in actual fact older than that, She is 17!!!

These revelations were made by Harare provincial Social Work officer Mrs Ngani during a Sexual Reproductive Health workshop for young people in the capital yesterday where she indicated that the girl in question went through a rigorous scientific  examinations which revealed that the girl was 17.

“To media colleagues, you have a duty to inform the nation truthfully. You read that the girl in particular was 9 years old and looking after her siblings. We discovered that the girl in question had no birth certificate so we sent the girl to an expert who actually conducted a scientific age test and they confirmed she was 17 years old. So how are we going to address this so that the girl is not 9 years old.

“The media must play a part in informing the publics factually, a girl who is 9 year of age can not be called a sex worker, no that is child exploitation and we should nip it in the bud.”

She also spoke against the mushrooming of brothels,  which she said were fertile ground for child prostitution and illegal drug consumption.







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