Illegal Sex Enhancing Drugs Flood Zim- CID

By Michael Gwarisa

ZIMBABWE is under siege from Sex Enhancing drugs which are finding their way into  the country through porous entry points, a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) drug section officer Majaha Mukwananzi has said.

He said this during the ongoing Healthcare Fraud Indaba being hosted by the Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHfoZ).

“Sex enhances are becoming one of the major challenges in Zimbabwe and abuse of the these drugs has just gone beyond normal.

“The drugs are coming in different forms, they can be in liquid form, lotion form, pills, the list goes on. I might not have statistics at my fingertips but i can confirm that the influx of sex enhancing drugs is now serious and needs to be looked at,” said Mukwanzanzi.

The increase in volumes of sex enhancing drugs without proper prescription in Zimbabwe is  illegal according to law. The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe ( MCAZ) closed  in Gweru in May this year  for selling sex enhancing drugs  over the counter without following proper procedures.

Over three years ago, MCAZ banned selling of Sex enhancing drugs over the counter owing to their side effects and addictive components which are putting many lives at risk.

Sex enhancers however have been around for a while in Zimbabwe mainly in the form of herbs, roots and certain foods combination.

Other sexual enhancement supplements, like Rock Hard for Men, have been found to contain tadalafil, along with glibenclamide, an active ingredient in diabetes medications; glibenclamide lowers blood sugar and — when taken by a person who doesn’t have diabetes — can cause blood sugar levels to drop precipitously low.

Common side effects from ingredients they may contain include stomach upset, light-headedness, and vision change







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