Sanitary Wear Prices Go Berserk

PRICES of sanitary wear remains beyond the reach of many women in Zimbabwe, despite the government’s move to scrap import duty on the commodity in order to make it more affordable.


The development has forced women to resort to the use of unhygienic alternatives, hence exposing them to cancerous and other health related hazards.

A snap survey carried out by ZBC News revealed that the cheapest pack of sanitary pads goes for close to ZW$12, while expensive brands are pegged at ZW$20.

Women who spoke to ZBC News applauded the government for scrapping customs duty on sanitary wear, but lamented the continued unaffordability of the products to the ordinary person.

Katswe Sisterhood managing director, Mrs Debra Mwase said the sanitary pads are very critical component to women and girls reproductive requirement, hence they should be affordable.

Statutory instrument 264 of 2018 provides for a suspension of duty on sanitary wear imports done during the period December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2019.

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