#BREAKING: Second Positive Coronavirus Case Recorded On African Soil

THE Coronavirus plague which has killed not less than 2000 people in China and several others outside China is gradually penetrating  African soil as Algeria records its first case a week after Egypt had its first positive case.

By Michael Gwarisa

The Algerian Ministry of Health  Shamsuddin Shitor confirmed on Tuesday the first case of coronavirus in the country, an Italian man who arrived on February 17. The Minister of Health Health said on state TV that the authorities were able to detect this case due to the vigilance system adopted at all land, air and maritime entry points to the country.

The Italian man is currently quarantined according to international standards, Shitor added.

On Wednesday, Algerian health officials said that banning public protests was “not on the agenda” despite the coronavirus case.

Thousands of Algerians have been protesting against the government since February 22 last year, in response to president Abdelaziz Bouteflika announcing he intended a run for a fifth term – despite being debilitated by a 2013 stroke.


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