Harare City Commences Makamba’s Alleged Abuse Investigations

HARARE City has begun investigating circumstances surrounding the death of Zororo Makamba who succumbed to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

By Kuda Pembere

It’s not a post-mortem per se but a probe on allegations that James Makamba’s son’s ill-health was neglected.

“Harare City Council is instituting investigations in what happened at Wilkins Hospital when the late Mr Zororo Makamba was admitted. The investigation follows comments by the Makamba family over allegations of impropriety in the manner the patient was handled,” said the Council.

Harare City also advised its stakeholders that despite Wilkins Hospital being a council facility, during times of crisis and strife like this one – our institution comes under the direct management of Government.

“The city’s health facilities including Wilkins and Beatrice Infectious Diseases Hospital are designed to cater for primary health care with complicated cases being referred to referral hospitals.
“Ordinarily our clinics and hospitals therefore do not have some of the equipment needed for complicated issues,” said the local government authority.

The Council also called on the pulling together of resources to fight COVID-19.
“Currently the city is funding all activities around the pandemic which include contact tracing, case management, risk communication. Council has had to virement funds from other votes to support the COVID`19 fight.
“The hospital is currently undergoing renovations to the tune of US$100 000. The work is funded by Chinese business people under the supervision of the Chinese Embassy who are dealing directly with the contractors,” said the Council.
Meanwhile, Harare Mayor Cllr Herbert Gomba is said to have undertaken to meet the Makamba family to hear them out and address any pertinent issues arising from the events.

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