Kariba Villagers Travel 350 km To See A Doctor

By Michael Gwarisa recently In Kariba

CONTINUED decay and deteriorating of services worsened by the absence of a resident Doctor at Siakobvu Rural Hospital in Nyaminyami, Kariba has forced villagers to travel 350 kilometers to Kariba  for expert medical attention.

Despite the rugged terrain and huge presence of ferocious wildlife, patients have to brace the evils all in search of better healthcare services. In the event of referral cases occurring, the local hospital has to pump out loads of money purchasing fuel to ferry patients to Kariba or Karoi hospitals.

Nyaminyami Social Services Executive, Karikoga Matashu

Nyaminyami Council Social Services Executive Officer Karikoga Matashu said the Hospital has not had a medical doctor since inception owing to a myriad of factors chief among them being the absence of basic life requirements like reliable electricity, lack of proper schools and inaccessibility of the area.

“The issue of power blackouts is very prevalent in this area. As we speak, there is no electricity in the area as a result of the rains. We will only get electricity in the next six months which means all this time we will be in the dark.

“It even makes the job difficult at the hospital as most work needs power to be conducted. As a result, we have gone for a long time without a doctor and patients can only see one in Kariba. We have severe cases of malnutrition in the area and when we diagnose children with Severe Acute Malnutrition, (SAM) they are referred to Kariba for special treatment,” said Matashu.

Matashu added that inaccessibility of the area had also made the hospital unattractive to prospective doctors. The hospital has no X-Ray machine and other basic equipment needed in a heath institution of  its stature.

Nyaminyami has nine health centres, four council clinics, five government clinics and one Hospital at Siakobvu.






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