Zim Only Pelvis Ortho Surgeon Faces Dismissal

ZIMBABWE’S sole pelvis orthopedic surgeon has been served with hearing summons by the Health Service Board  which he is likely going to abscond.

By HealthTimes Reporter

He is among the 57 senior hospital doctors that were charged for not going to work.

“Zim’s only pelvis ortho surgeon has just received his letter to come for a hearing,” Zimbabwe Senior Hospital Doctors Association (SHDA) wrote on their twitter account, adding “He is not attending, Consider him fired. Welldone Dr Obadiah Moyo.”

The senior doctors are demanding for the reinstatement of 488 junior doctors who have been fired by government to date.

SHDA president Dr Shingai Nyaguse told HealthTimes yesterday that government was not acting in good faith but was instead pursuing retribution.

“Instead of addressing our concerns, they have summoned senior doctors to disciplinary hearings instead. It is unfortunate that they have focused on the punitive disciplinary measures and have done nothing to address the issues of drugs, water and equipment in hospitals,” said Dr Nyaguse.

She also cited that senior doctors countrywide have downed tools and they would resume work once their demands have been met.

Briefing a post cabinet media briefing on Tuesday, Information and Broadcasting Services minister, Monica Mtsvangwa said government had already sent out letters to the striking senior doctors. In addition to the 508 disciplinary cases heard by the 25th November 2019, an additional 43 doctors from the Provinces are awaiting hearing. Serving of charge letters for 57 Senior Doctors at Central Hospitals commenced on the 25th November, 2019.

Speaking in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Health minister Obadiah Moyo said serving of charge letters for 57 senior doctors at central hospitals commenced on 25th November, 2019.

“508 disciplinary cases on doctors that have not been coming to work have so far been heard of which 498 were found guilty,” Moyo said.

“448 doctors have been discharged from service and since then, an additional 13 doctors were found guilty and discharged.  Penalties were mated on all of them making a cumulative total of 448 discharged doctors,” he added.

Moyo rubbished claims that government was not being sincere in their negotiation engagements with doctors who are demanding the pegging of their salaries at interbank rate as well as the capacitation of hospitals to allow them to save lives.

“On the issue regarding negotiations via disciplinary hearing, definitely that is what we have been doing.  We have been calling for meetings.  I personally have been having meetings with the senior doctors.  I have been having meetings with the junior doctors and these meetings have been actually very fruitful and that is why we started,” Moyo said.

“Initially there was no discussion and not because they were being kept away through some other subversive actions; however, we managed to get to talking.  So, what is very critical at the moment is the fact that the doctors – we have advised everyone that there will be adverts in the paper.  Those adverts will allow for anyone who is qualified and registered to be able to apply for a job. There is absolutely no way that we would say we want everyone to go away.  What we want to happen is that the due processes must be followed,” he continued.

“The Labour Court ruled and gave an instruction through the Attorney General’s Office.  That is where the law is going through and we as a Ministry of Health and Child Care, we have now gone forward and we are now in the recruitment exercise.  So there is nothing lost.”

Moyo added that government has been working tirelessly to try and address shortages of resources in hospitals.

“It must be acknowledged, Madam Speaker, that these problems have existed for a number of decades and their solution is not going to be an overnight thing,” he said.






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