Higherlife Foundation Intensifies Maternal Health Support In Zimbabwe

A total of seven hospitals which benefited from the Higherlife Foundation donation of maternal health equipment in December 2020 have received a second batch of donations, in a move that is likely to boost maternal and neonatal health care in Zimbabwe.

By Patricia Mashiri

The donation is a partnership between Higherlife Foundation and The ELMA Group of Foundations. The donated equipment includes 15 cardio tachygraphy, 7 ultrasounds, 14 portable multipara meter monitors, 14 vacuum extraction kits, 43 suction machines, 9 neonate resuscitation kits, 13 CPAP machines, 11 multipara meter monitors, 3 incubators, 17 infusion pumps, 17 syringe pumps and 3 rescusitaires.

Dr Kennedy Mubaiwa, CEO of Higherlife Foundation said the equipment is set to boost the health and safety of mothers and babies at during delivery and reduce postnatal risks.

The delivery and use of the critical equipment in maternity wards will improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes as they facilitate the correct risk assessments, diagnosis, and treatment of mothers and neonates.

“The maternal health project is part of our work towards strengthening the healthcare system in Zimbabwe. COVID-19 continues to disrupt the provision of essential maternal and neonatal health services, however, through such interventions we can help to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates,” Mubaiwa said.

The equipment is being distributed to maternity departments at Sally Mugabe Hospital, Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Hospital, Chitungwiza Hospital, Mpilo Hospital and United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH), Manicaland Provincial Hospital and Midlands Provincial Hospital.

As a way of building technical capacity and improve service delivery, Higherlife recently commenced Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Care Training and Human Factors, Leadership, and Ethics Training which targeted at 3,768 doctors, nurses, midwives, and auxiliary staff.

“Our hope, through the provision of this equipment and the delivery of much-needed training, is to create a safe working environment in our maternity wards and to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes across the institutions we have targeted,” Mubaiwa said.

The donation comes as a second round of equipment deliveries to the seven hospitals after the first handover in December 2020 Higherlife Foundation.

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