Ambassador Charamba’s Visit To Texila American University Zambia Inspires Unity and Investment Promotion Among Zim Students At The Institution

By Staff Reporter

The Zimbabwean Ambassador to Zambia, Her Excellency Mrs. Charity Charamba, recently engaged in an interactive and insightful meeting with Zimbabwean students at Texila American University Zambia, encouraging them to play a pivotal role in promoting Zimbabwe as a safe haven for investments.

During the session, Ambassador Charamba highlighted the historical and cultural connections between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Texila American University Zambia’s Senior Management, faculty members, and staff also attended the event, reaffirming the institution’s commitment to fostering a diverse and culturally rich academic environment.

She reminded the students that the two nations were once united and emphasized the significance of fostering unity and goodwill between the people of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Zambia and Zimbabwe were once part of the same country, and we share a deep history and brotherhood. Despite being separate nations now, we are, and will always be, one people,” stated Ambassador Charamba.

The Ambassador encouraged the Zimbabwean students to be ambassadors of their home country and to showcase Zimbabwe’s potential as a secure and attractive destination for investments.

She emphasized the importance of fostering positive relationships with the Zambian people, whom she described as warm and brotherly.

“It is crucial for you as students and representatives of Zimbabwe to maintain good behavior, uphold unity, and contribute positively to the communities in which you live. Let us build bridges of understanding and friendship between our two nations,” urged Ambassador Charamba.

The students actively participated in the interactive session, expressing their appreciation for the Ambassador’s insights and guidance. Many pledged to actively promote the positive aspects of Zimbabwe, both within their academic and social spheres.

And Texila American University Zambia vice chancellor, Prof Ajay Kumar Poddar said Zimbabwean students, you are an integral part of our Texila family, and your unique perspectives contribute to the rich tapestry of our academic environment.

Prof Poddar said the Ambassador’s visit underscores the vital role education plays in building bridges between nations.

He It is an opportunity to strengthen the ties between our nations and foster a sense of unity within our diverse student body.


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