How to use a Butterfly Menstrual Cup

The Butterfly Menstrual cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone and is designed to be worn internally.


To insert the Butterfly Cup simply fold it into a C shape fold and insert it into the vagina. Some ladies prefer to squat down to insert the cup or put one foot on the toilet or even lie down. There is no right or wrong position and you should use which ever suits you and your body. The Butterfly Cup should sit high enough that you cannot feel it but lower than you would insert a tampon.


As you let go of the cup it will “pop” open and form a seal with the wall of the vagina, preventing any leakage. To ensure the cup is correctly placed you can pinch the base of the cup or give it a little twist. Once in position the Butterfly Cup will collect your menstrual blood and can be left in place for up to 10 hours.

When you are ready to remove the cup, it is best to adopt a squatting position, or sit on the toilet. Do not pull on the stem of the cup, this is only there for you to locate the cup.

Once you have located the cup, pinch the base and gradually draw the cup downwards and with a side to side motion. For the majority of women, the cup will only be about half full. The average woman loses about 4 tablespoons of menstrual blood over the entire week of her menses.


Commonly asked questions and answers.

1 Will it hurt to insert or remove the Butterfly Cup? No, the Butterfly Cup is soft enough to mold to the exact form of your body. It should be so comfortable that you cannot feel it. It may take a few attempts before you feel totally at ease with how the cup works and we recommend that you try inserting and removing the cup a few times before you have your period.

2 Will using a Butterfly Cup stretch my vagina? Definitely not. The wall of your vagina is made of muscle and tissue that is designed to stretch and return to its original shape. The Butterfly Cup will not affect the size or shape of your vagina.

3 Can I go to the toilet when I am using a Butterfly Cup without having to remove it? Yes, you can both urinate and pass stools without needing to remove your cup but if you feel it has moved during the time you are on the toilet, you may want to remove and reposition the cup.

4 Do I need to wash the cup every time I empty it? No, you can empty the cup, fold and reinsert it without having to wash it.


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