US Government Delivers 2, 1 Million Bottles Of TLD To Zim

THE United States Government through USAID’s supply chain and procurement project has delivered 2, 1 million bottles of Tenofovir-Lamivudine-Dolutegravir (TLD) to Zimbabwe.

By  Kudakwashe Pembere

Zimbabwe transitioned to this new regimen with the Dolutegravir component in May 2018 said to have less side effects than Efavirenz.

The United States Government USAID’s supply chain and procurement project has delivered 2.1 million bottles of TLD to support the transition to this new treatment regimen,” said USAID.

Zimbabwe has about 1, 3 million people living with HIV with 1, 1 million placed on ART.

In October last year, a Health and Child Care Ministry official announced that DOLUTEGRAVIR (DTG) based regimens will be rolled out nationally to all people living with HIV including women of child bearing ages and babies.

Addressing a training workshop for civil society on new HIV/TB treatment guidelines, HIV/TB Public Health Specialist in the Health and Child Care Ministry Dr Clorata Gwanzura said with this transitioning they have been targeting a 12, 5 percent coverage of clients eyeing a 100 percent end of next year.

She also said that people who are on Efavirenz regimens will be given DTG on their next refill. Dr Gwanzura encouraged clients to report any side effects experienced while taking the drug.

Zimbabwe Aids Network National Coordinator Mr Taurai Nyandoro said on the DTG national roll out,all clients meaning the old and new will be put on the drug.

The country had deffered the drug after findings that it had neural tube defects for new born babies.

But WHO calmed the fears recently saying the drug was now safe to use as a preferred antiretroviral drug on all populations including pregnant women and those of childbearing potential following new evidence assessing benefits and risks.

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