#BREAKING: The Vaccine Does Not Contain Mark Of The Beast Says Prophet Makandiwa as he Tells People To Get Vaccinated

UNITED Family International Church (UFIC) founder, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has announced that those who wish to get vaccinated should go ahead and do so.

By Michael Gwarisa

In a live broadcast on his YouTube Channel, Prophet Makandiwa said contrary to what has been reported about his sermons before, he does not believe or subscribe to the notion that the COVID-19 Vaccine contains the mark of the  beast.

 People are asking me saying Man of God, is there a green light? Should we get vaccinated? I have been ignoring all these communications not because I didn’t want to respond but it’s because they are asking me because I had already responded. It was based on my response that they are now asking me these questions.

“This is the reason why people are asking me. They are saying I am about to lose my job. The main reason why most people are really terrified by this development is because of so many things that have been said over and over again concerning vaccines. They are also those that are saying by receiving the vaccine, you are receiving the mark of the beast. I said this before, there is no chip in the vaccine and there is no mark in the vaccine.

“This COVID-19 vaccine is not a mark of the beast. Unless if you are good at misunderstanding then you can move around and say he is changing this is not what he said. If this is what I said before then it would an honorable thing to remind me. The vaccine can never be the mark of the beast. Its is not the mark of the beast,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

He however said he was concerned with the number who would lose their jobs and 
privileges because they wouldn’t have been vaccinated.

“In the case that you get access to privileges, you are about to lose your job and now you can’t access basics, the question is how are you going to survive. This is why we are getting so many messages. It won’t be fair for me to close my mouth at this point considering the suffering that people are going to face as a result of refusing to receive the vaccine.

“I advise you to consult your doctor on the best decision on vaccination, I also do have doctors, I believe in them…, they alone are the best people to give you advice on your medical issues… they must check and confirm if your health is good enough for the vaccine.”


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